ta-65 rev2


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A 65% PCB designed to fit the TADA68, Kayak and others. Rev2 introduces compatibility with the M65-a and a JST header for daughterboards!

DO NOTE that the discount is because of a small error that has been corrected with a tiny jumper wire as seen here.

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The ta-65 is a 65% PCB designed to fit the TADA68, which means it will fit in a Kayak or Aanzee as well. It supports the basic layouts for both keyboards.

It also features a fuse and an ESD protection chip to protect the MCU and other parts of the PCB.

Due to the width of the PCB, it will currently not fit in the m65-a. This will be fixed with rev2.1.


  • Uses QMK Firmware
  • Compatible with M65-a still needs some adjustments, will be in rev2.1
  • Compatible with any keyboard that uses the TADA68 PCB in its design
  • Mini USB
  • ESD protection and fuse
  • No in-switch LEDs
  • Supports underglow
  • ISP header
  • JST header for use with a daughterboard

Supported layouts

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